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Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are the only instant lotteries authorized to pay cash prizes. They are simple games that guarantee the immediacy and frequency of winning through safe and intact tickets. The scratch card is one of the most beloved games. To meet the different needs of players, the range of scratch cards marketed is very wide both in terms of price ranges and types of games. Currently the price range varies between 1 euro and 20 euro. Only people over 18 can play. Reseller to become an authorized reseller for the sale of tickets for national lotteries with delayed and instant draws, it is necessary to fill in the data collection form in its entirety.

The request will be carefully examined as soon as possible. Given the high number of questions, a representative will only take place in the event of a positive outcome. If no reply is given within 30 working days , the request must be considered not accepted as it is not suitable for the commercial evaluation of the expansion of the sales network. We are talking about the coupons of the national instant draw lotteries, the scratch cards , one of the most insidious and dangerous expressions for the health of the players among the gambling games offered by monopolies and for more information you can check our website

They enjoy an incomprehensible tolerance, so much so that despite all the studies on the subject indicate them as the most loved gambling, preferred above all by boys and women, it is almost never talked about and for the government invisible. The icon of eight of these is in black and white and next to it appears the words lottery no longer active these are eight instant lotteries, which ceased on the day the dignity decree came into force , which requires the on the coupons the warnings on the risk of addiction, which were not provided.

In reality, there are only 27 instant lotteries active , while on the site, who knows why, in addition to the latest ones, there are also some lotteries that have ceased with previous measures. Given these numbers, the underestimation of their danger is even more incomprehensible, considering that they have all the characteristics that make gambling dangerous for health: the wide and varied offer, easy availability and accessibility, ease of play, often instrumentally smuggled as the ease of winning, the speed and the consequent frequency of consumption. The real danger of scratch cards, however, is hidden, for all to see, in their prize structure . Whatever the price of the coupons, analysis of the prize structure of all instant lotteries clearly shows that it is cynically designed to be addictive.