Best online casino websites for you

It might be difficult for a newbie or even a savvy gambler looking for a change of scenery to find just the right online casino. Surely enough, there are plenty of 'best online casino' websites out there claiming to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, operating under the pretense of being on your side.

However, as you might discover, not all of them do their research and provide you with the complete information you might want to know. Additionally, this kind of research entails gathering real players' feedback, which is a good reflection of how efficient and honest each and every casino is, no matter the age.

Canadian players welcome!

These days many casinos realize that being truly international means having personalized approach to every player. Among other things, that includes making special offers to players from specific countries - like Canada. As a Canadian player you can count on the casino's website being localized and displaying all the amounts in Canadian dollars, as well as occasional special bonuses coming your way. We aim to bring to the table the finest casinos out there that are also Canada-friendly and make every Canadian player feel like home. Check them out and you will surely find something worthy in half the time.

Popular online casinos vs. a new online casino 2018

Are you interested in a brand new casino likely to entice you with a generous cash bonus and something extra on top? Or are you more inclined to sign up with a well-established casino that can boast at least a decade of history and hundreds of thousands of happy users? The truth is, you can never say one is better than the other, as there are advantages in either case. However, with our help, you can finally pick between the best there is - now that certainly makes the choice look a bit less harder, doesn't it?

What players truly desire

As any online gambler, you surely want to be sure the casino you are about to sign up with is worthy of your trust. You also want to enjoy convenient deposit methods, quick withdrawals and total transparency, which will mean you are not being taken advantage of and your wins are not being stolen away from you. It makes sense to want more from your gambling and that prospective casino, no matter if you are in it for the money or are just having some innocent fun.

Surely enough, if you go for some giant with over a decade of history, the chances of getting burnt are much lower. But what’s the fun of hanging out with the boring nerds if you could score something a lot more thrilling, with more bonuses and generous offers coming your way much more often? In other words, staying open-minded is key to potentially finding a good lucrative casino that will keep you happy for weeks or maybe even months to come.

Our criteria when examining best casinos for you

When choosing the casinos that will make it to our recommended list, we employ a range of criteria to make sure our opinion is well-grounded and impartial. There is a checklist according to which we rate the casinos available - like licensing and jurisdiction, availability to players from specific countries, games and software, quality of customer support, generosity and quality of promotions, as well as deposit and withdrawals methods, their speed and variety. We try to make sure you never miss out on the opportunities meant to be seized, trying to stay as impartial as possible and give you the fact you can base your opinion on when making up your mind.